Moichoara, an Indian game

We are not known to this name Moichora. Yes it is quiet obvious for us. It is just a game of car racing. But there is also a twist in it. This car has a driver and the driver is a cow. Don’t need to be shock. It is actually happened in a village in West Bengal named Keoratola.

People of Keoratola were very much excited about this game. Many people use to come from the other villages also. There weren’t any kind of entry fees. Participants have to take their cows with them. Many participants were practicing in the ground.   

“Keoratola Gram Somiti” has organized this game for all of us. They were doing everything very enthusiastically. Each person was allowed to race with two cows. One man was standing upon a wooden path which was tied up with the cows.  As the cows were running through the water, the person whose wooden path was tied up was sliding with the cows speed.

A participant Abibul Haque said”it is just a habit to come here. No one came here to make profit”. When participants were practicing in the ground committee’s head Safar Sarder said “people use to come here because they love the game”.

There were prices for the winners also. 1st prize was 600/- , 2nd prize was 450/- and 3rd prize was 300/-. Though it is not at all enough for them, they were enjoying the game very much. Three judges were there who were giving points on the basis of the running process of the cows.

Keoratola village is around 10 km from South Baraast railway station. This whole village was enjoying the game. In the end they got their winners and they have finished the three day’s game, Moichora with the hope that they will organize it again in the next year.

Reported by : Riju Maitra


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